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What my clients say...

"Andy was a pleasure to work with: straightforward, pleasant and courteous, professional."

- Hoyt, Honolulu

"Andy did a fantastic job for me. He responded very quickly to my request. After he finished the job he cleaned up the area involved and everything looked great. I would absolutely call him again for another project."

- Colleen, Pearl City

"Andy is very professional and a pleasure to work with. He does a thorough job and I never second guess the quality of work. He is a tradesman with integrity, and I always appreciate his honesty. If he doesn't feel he is the best person for the job, he will tell you; but I will definitely ask him first!"

- Vickie, Waimanalo

"Aloha! I'm an experienced realtor on Oahu and have worked with many vendors. I highly recommend Home Fronts Hawaii, due to Andy's authenticity, quality of work and client-service attitude."

- Brett, Honolulu

"Andy came to my home to repair and paint a back deck. He was a very flexible very easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable about what to do.  His prices are very reasonable and his work is outstanding. He came back over the course of several days to finish the job that was interrupted by bad weather. I would hire him back in a minute!"

- Dan, Honolulu

"Andy is always super personable and very reliable. He has done many job for us including window/jalousie repair, screen door adjustments, and adding cabinet pulls to kitchen and bathroom cabinets. I would highly recommend him for all your home repair needs!"

- Kandace, Honolulu

"Andy transformed the curb appeal and addressed vital interior needs. Reliable, attention to detail, and knowledgeable: a must-have contact in your phonebook!"


- Suyin, Honolulu

“Andy is my Go-To-Guy!  At first, my client’s home did not show well, it looked old and run-down. Andy helped me with everything from cleaning, hauling away junk, yard maintenance, painting, patching and repairs.  We soon got an offer in our target zone.  He is great with communication, reliable, detail oriented, has a great “eye” for showing appeal.  Best of all, Andy is honest and very affordable.  I could not have gotten my clients the price they wanted without his help."

- Mie, Honolulu

"I would recommend Andy for any project you have. He was very responsive and reliable and went above and beyond with the quality of his work. Our project was definitely unique and required some extra leg work up front and he took everything in stride and delivered an excellent product at the end of the day. No issues whatsoever for any part of the project/process."

- Ben, Honolulu

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