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I love working with my hands, and I love making people happy.  I believe our homes are one of the most important fixtures in life, and I get a lot of satisfaction in helping others enjoy their homes more.  

Whether you need upgrades, repairs, or a creative project, I look forward to hearing from you.

I have a Master's degree and am a certified home inspector.  My experience ranges from building skateboard ramps at 8 years old to formal professional training in my late 30's.  I have worked on hundreds of homes on Oahu and dozens of retail stores and restaurants.  I also taught high school for 5 years, the job that first brought me to Oahu in 2005. 

I offer free consultations and estimates.  I am fully insured and have never had a single accident, complaint or claim.  Call or email to discuss your next project.  Aloha.




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